ARMY:  UH-60 Modernization:
Army Guard Black Hawk fleet aging. We are asking for accelerated modernization/recapitalization of the fleet and upgraded UH-60M for (FY) 2020.
Concurrent & Proportional Fielding of Equipment:
Air Guard fights beside Active Air Force but is not equipped in the same manner. Working to receive simultaneous fielding of new platforms and equipment for interoperable total force.
Reform Tricare:
Working to authorize TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) eligibility for National Guard and Reserve Servicemembers who are federal employees and not currently eligible.
Readiness Centers
Military Leave for Technicians:
Increase Annual Military Leave for Federal Employees from 15 to 30 Days to meet the increasing number of days of military duty to obtain increased readiness requirements.
Hunting and Fishing licenses for retired Soldiers and Airmen
State Active Duty conversion to points towards federal retirement

What is NGANJ Doing for Me?

In pursuit of our mission and vision, here are a few ways NGANJ is actively working for you:

NGAUS 2019 NDAA Conference Letter

Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act

Tuition Waiver - Letter to Congress

Yes, we write letters to Congress on your behalf!

Support for Military Associations (3-2017)

We push for support for Military associations.