Congratulations to our 2022 Scholarship winners!  These 5 scholars competed in a pool of well qualified applicants to get to the top five and earn a scholarship. Well done and good luck in your future endeavors.  For those who applied and did not make the cut, we hope that you apply again next year!

  1. Lauren Rautenberg
  2. Corinne Hughes
  3. Lena Martinez
  4. Daniel McCarthy
  5. Tyler Guttormsen

The NGANJ Scholarship Program recognizes the members and families of the NGANJ for achievement and outstanding citizenship. We have a strong history of giving scholarships to our Regular Commissioned and Warrant Officer members and their Spouses, Children and Grandchildren. The next round of applications for CY 23 will be accepted from 1 January 2023 to 1 March 2023 from eligible applicants. Click on the scholarship program link below for more information and the application to apply!

The NGANJ Awards Program -  In order to recognize distinguished members of the NGANJ for feats of exceptional performance, valor and outstanding leadership, the NGANJ works with senior leaders to identify and reward these individuals with acclamation and a token of appreciation.

All awards listed below will be for Calendar Year 2023 (Jan 18- Dec 18). ALL NOMINATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED NLT 7 February 2023. Please send to Michael Daly [email protected] through your MSC.

The following is a list of awards: 

  • The President’s Award 
  • Certificate of Achievement 
  • Certificate of Appreciation 
  • NGANJ Service Award – BG Bob Dutko Award 
  • Outstanding Company Grade Officer – Army (O1-O3) 
  • Outstanding Company Grade Officer – Air (O1-O3) 
  • Gerard Trophy – Air (any fixed wing pilot) 
  • Gerard Trophy Army (any rotary wing pilot) 
  • McCarthy Award – CW3-CW5 
  • McCarthy Award – WO1-CW2 
  • Williams Award (Any Rank)
  • Awards Program
  • Award Bulletin
  • Memorandum for Record (MFR) from O6