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Optional Life Insurance

Along with the Enlisted Association, the NGANJ manages the Group Life Insurance Program. Through American Equity Life Insurance Company we provide direct service to our members.

We offer affordable Life Insurance coverage to $50,000.00. The program provides excellent coverage for the members and their spouses and features a prompt payment service, generally within 72 hours (and normally within 24 hours) of an untimely death. Payment of premiums can be facilitated by payroll deductions from your Guard pay or you may make direct payments if you choose.

Program features:

Free $10,000 Policy for New Members of the New Jersey National Guard

Any new member of the New Jersey National Guard, within the ninety (90) days after joining the New Jersey National Guard, may enroll without furnishing evidence of insurability. They will receive coverage of $10,000 free of charge for 12 months. Thereafter, premiums will be automatically deducted from National Guard pay on a monthly basis at a rate of $3.66 per month.

All members of the NGANJ have the option of applying for additional insurance, up to $50,000, by submitting evidence of insurability satisfactory to the Company. This option can be exercised at any time.

Insurance application for current members of NGANJ

Application for free one year policy

NGANJ Insurance Briefs and Notes

The links below are informative briefs for members and speakers to use when presenting information on our insurance program to members of the NJ National Guard.

Corporate Members